Manfred Dreissinger

Manfred was born in 1953 in Austria. At the age of 16 he relocated to Munich, Germany where he began to develop his immense creative talents. Manfred’s multi faceted creative abilities lead him to begin to drive his goal of mass communication through art at this very young age. He is a self taught painter that is recognized by some of the greatest masters in art around the world.


The definition of cosmopolitan is Manfred Dreissinger. With his extensive world-wide travels and living in some of the most exciting cities from New York to Hong Kong, it has molded and secured his artistic destiny to look for and create a world through his art that is beyond that which is logical but brings the reality of life to it’s viewers. Manfred has held many high level positions in international companies that has brought him full circle to realize that his artistic potential is creating a bridge between a traditional career and his art. The road is clear and the need to express himself and communicate through his art is today driving him to deepen his commitment to expressive painting. In 1988 Manfred developed a new acrylic painting technique called Manfred Dreissinger ACRYL Layer Technology. The technique is very complex and has a high-quality surface structure that allows acrylic painting in all sizes and formats. It is tempered and water resistant and therefore used in some of his conceptual art pieces. In the MD Experience you will be able to feel the inner beauty of his message as he transforms abstract experiences into visible realities through his art. 


-Business Economic Education (MBA) through Swiss Association of Banks Scholarships in the United States. -One and a half years of study in creative art and sculpture with Florence Grunberg, Munich, Germany -New Sculpting Technique with Shulamit Hartal, Tel Aviv -Collage and Paper Technique with Rebecca Gredy, Tel Aviv -Workshop Composition with Spatial Formation in Expressionist Painting with Professor Joel Gilinsky, Jerusalem -Workshop conversion of abstract experience, non-visible realities into plastic expression with Herbert Starek, Vienna, Austria Past Exhibitions: Gallery Kunststucke, Hamburg, Germany Gallery Salle Jaune, Cologne, Germany Reuschel Bank, Munich, Germany Deutsche Bank, Munich, Germany Sparda Bank, Munich, Germany Hotel Kempinski, Munich, Germany Urban Gallery Mohrvilla, Munich, Germany Brigitte Holzer Collection, Villach, Austria Bineth Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel Brighton Gallery, Brighton, GB Hayo Goldano Decoration Studio (light stone), Luxemburg, Germany Gallery Spectrum, Berne, Switzerland Taidakov’s Art Gallery, Munich, Germany 


SAATCHI GALLERY London, Taidakov’s Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia Upcoming launch of the MD Experience in New York and London are in progress