ART2HEART is a project of multiple artists from the region which are cought up to loose their creativity in“Tinga Tinga“ replication painting for tourists  which does not allow them to excellerate their huge creative potential. 

It is the goal of this event to enable the local artist to produce and work free and independent from daily survival stress, by selling their new creative work. It is a new proven way to fund MODERN ART projects and enable the artist to prepare new projects such as one of the biggest AFRICAN ART SHARING event, with start in EAST and than SOUTH AFRICA, which will involve a revolutionary concept to fuel the publicity of African MODERN ART together with 47 selected local Artists.  

ART2HEART will also launch within November a modern FUND-RASING- PROJECT „THE BIENALE EAST AFRICA“ in ZANZIBAR

In that project ART2heART will start a limited „BLACK AND WHITE PAINTING“ project. 
In this event the structures of sales and PR will be brought in place and enable african artist to communicate with a worldwide range of clients.